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Guest post - Top Interior Design Trends for 2012

If you re looking to spruce up your digsthis year, there are a few ideas that you may want to pull from.  Luxurious fabrics, nature inspired fixturesand dimension will all play big roles this year.  When it comes to the pure artistry of things,here are a few of the interior design trends you should expect to see in thecoming year.
1. Bright LightsThough dim lighting, like candle light, ischarming and can be enchanting, healthy bright lighting is coming to the forefront.  Keep dimmer switches if you like, but getready to make room for chandeliers. Sometimes it can seem as though cluttered or sparse are the onlyoptions your surface space provides.  Achandelier or other kinds of interesting lighting fixtures will provide a bitof decoration that can hang out of the way from the ceiling.

2. TextureIn the same de-cluttering vein, texturewill be used to provide body to a room without filling it up with stuff.  Glass is one of the most popular texturesthis year.  Hand crafted, colored, uniqueglass pieces that can either be hung, incorporated into another element of thefurniture or are functional will be prevalent and show longevity.  Tile, 3-dimensional fabrics, grainy wood andmetal will also pop up. Part of the idea is that you get more depth out ofdifferent textures than simply with different colors.

3.  Bolder ColorsA thousand shades of white, beige and brownhave graced homes long enough!  While youwon t see a tremendous shift overnight with rooms full of bold colors, strong accentswill make their way in. A reupholstered piece of furniture in a bright, yetrich color with fabrics like velvet or silk will bring just the right amount ofcolor to the room. 

Bring a taste of the new and fresh year intoyour home with touches from these design trends and enjoy your space as much aspossible. 
Thank you Ryan for the article. I put in some pictures to the article.Ryan is a guest postblogger, who writes on the subjects of interior design, homesfor sale in Austin TX, Leander homes for sale and double hung window prices.  Guest post - Top Interior Design Trends for 2012

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