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Fashion meets decor - Tangerine Tango

tangerine tango
Tangerine Tango has been seen everywhere from the catwalk to interior design. Pantone  has announced it to be the color of 2012 and I understand why. This orangy color is so beautiful, a mix of orange and coral. I'm kind of in love with this color. Tangerine Tango looks best with white or grey or even a turquoise blue. Do you like Tangerine Tango?

$150 - dwellstudio.com
Urban Trends 18" Ceramic Garden Stool | Wayfair
$102 - wayfair.com
Jiti Pillows Orange Puzzle Outdoor Decorative Pillow
$60 - overstock.com
Blankets & Pillows Hermöe8s Giant Avalon Blankets
$2,800 - usa.hermes.com
Stray Dog Designs - Lighting - Table Lamps - Artichoke Lamp
$625 - straydogdesigns.com

Fashion meets decor - Tangerine Tango

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