15 Mayıs 2012 Salı

Yemi Kosibah- Renowned African Couture Designer

Mjue Yemi Kosibah- one of the finest African designer... He is Nigerian born but living and working in UK.
Always i am impressed with his couture wedding gowns... Even before Sarah Button made that magic dress for Princess Kate, Some of Kosibahs' real brides already wore similar sleeve-lace design.
Bride: Aluna- wed in London 2008

Yemi getting the bride ready...

Bride: Onyeka- Wed in Nigeria January, 2011
Yemi...akimvisha biharusi wake 

and then- Princess Kate: Wedding 29th April 2011...Way ahead Yemi, keep up the good work!!Yemi Kosibah- Renowned African Couture Designer

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